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Samuel Larcher Freelance Webdesigner


Edelrot = Samuel Larcher

I was born in Italy, lived for several years in Austria and since 2006 I live in Sydney, Australia. I am a Web Designer and love to create exciting designs for the World Wide Web. I try to design Websites with Character, easy to use, websites with functionality. I use valid XHTML and CSS 2.0 and keep always an eye to code up websites under common SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines.


Main emphasis of my work

- Design and coding of websites

- Optimizing existing websites (SEO optimization, XHTML Optimization, CSS Optimization, Redesign of a webdesign, Restructure of a webpage or a whole website, ...)

- Advertising for the web: Designing and coding web banners

- Flash Banners / Flash Animations


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